Control as You Wish

Condition Monitoring

Monitor the overall screen condition and automatically restore the on-site condition

Cloud Backup

Back up system configuration information to the cloud to improve after-sales maintenance efficiency

Operation History

View screen operation history to learn about the operation condition timely

Information Management

Once recorded, information such as spare parts and replacement records can be tracked, enabling screen lifecycle monitoring

Secure, Stable and Easy to Use

All-round security protection to keep the screen playback secure

  • Permission Authentication
  • Channel Encryption
  • Data Fingerprint
  • Physical Isolation
  • 24x7 Service
  • Server Reliability up to 99%

Get Started with VNNOX Care

Follow the directions below to get started with the LED display maintenance service

Step 1: Apply for Account
Click on <Apply for Account> and fill out required information. A NovaStar account manager will contact you to verify information.
Step 2: Create Account
After verification, you will receive an email within 48 hours notifying your account information and usage guide.
Step 3: Get started
You are now free to log into VNNOX Care with your account and enjoy comprehensive care for the full life of your display.