Control as You Wish

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Any Internet-enabled devices can be used for remote publishing and control just as you wish.

  • Status Monitoring

    Monitor screen status anytime, anywhere.

  • Repair Notifications

    Precise fault locating, timely alarms and automatic sending of notifications

  • Screen Monitoring

    All-round monitoring of the content being displayed on the screen to know the on-site condition in real time.

  • Remote Control

    Supports remote adjustment of screen operating parameters allowing you to perfectly control the on-site condition.

  • Health Reports

    Systematic health check allowing you to accurately know screen operation history and weakness so that problems can be forestalled

Secure, Stable and Easy to Use

All-round security protection to keep the screen playback secure

  • Permission Authentication
  • Channel Encryption
  • Data Fingerprint
  • Terminal Locking
  • 7x24 Service
  • Server Reliability up to 99%

Flexible and Independent to Define the Future

  • Flexible Permission Control

    Flexible permission control allows you to set different operation permissions and roles according to different requirements.

  • Brand Customization

    Brand customization boosts LED media brand promotion.

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